Overcome self-limitation, develop personal vision, step out of repetitive unproductive behavior, harmonize rational and intuitive thinking, and balance professional and personal life.

We live in a world that increasingly alienates people. Our modes of electronic communication have increased spectacularly, but this has happened at the price of direct personal contacts. Today’s world is polarized in terms of opinions and convictions, and many of us are disconnected from our values. As a result, stress levels are high.

As was always the case, many of us carry a mental burden of the past with us that we often are not aware of. My transformational coaching helps people connect with their inner values and it helps them overcome mental blocks from the past so that they connect with self and others in healthy ways.

I work with clients from all walks of life, but because of my personal background I connect especially well with professionals in education, science and, engineering. 

Coaching Sessions

In my coaching practice I assist clients to make a fresh start that is grounded in their deepest desires. I am a healer with a loving presence. My work helps clients connect the left and right parts of their brain, and I bring color and clarity to what otherwise might be grey and murky. My clients experience aha-moments and liberating catharsis. They know and feel that they are loved, that they are seen and heard, that they are safe, and that our meetings are completely confidential.

How It Works

Coaching sessions are carried out remotely through Zoom and last 75 minutes, and I work with clients world-wide. These sessions are a mix of conversation and meditative experiences. 

In these sessions I support you by: 

Exploring and redirecting behavioral patterns that you carry from your past

Assisting you to get clarity on your values and deepest desires

Helping you harmonize rational and intuitive thinking

I recommend a series of 6 sessions in order to make transformational progress. I am committed to my clients, and expect that my clients are committed to transformation. This requires inner work and integration of head and heart, this is something that we work on together.

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Roel Snieder

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