Sometimes we are in a routine and live our life in a repeatable pattern. As we do this, we may feel that something is not right. Perhaps we are not satisfied, or we are unfulfilled. Perhaps we have recurrent unpleasant experiences, such as conflicts, that we cannot shake off. Or we may be so conflict-avoiding that important issues remain unresolved. We may hold back because of a low self-esteem or because we feel we are not worthy to receive. We may feel hurried and stressed. We may not fully express ourselves. We may be doing fine, but there is little joy in what we do. We may have counterproductive habits such as procrastination, rumination, or self-sabotage. Feelings or behaviors like this are calls to change something. We may or not be aware that we want to change something, or what change we want to make. It may feel like we want to cross over to another place of living and being, but we may not know what that place is, or how to make that crossing.

This is where my coaching can help. I ask clients to articulate what it is that they seek help with. As a coach, it is not up to me tell others what is “wrong” with them, and how to fix that. Instead, my role is to help clients discover and articulate what it is what they would like to change and help them develop a mindset and habits to help them move towards that change. In the process, I help clients release old habits that are unproductive, unfulfilling, or limiting.

I hold sessions through a video link, and work with clients in different continents. Our sessions are conversational, but I also use exercises that often are of a meditative nature. I do this because many of us are stuck in an analytical way of thinking that covers up our deepest desires or that hides important drivers of our behavior. These exercises help clients connect with their passion and intuition. Whatever happens in our sessions is confidential; our sessions are a safe place for open conversations that are based on trust. Because of my background in science, I frequently work with professionals who feel stuck in a high-pressure lifestyle, but I work with other clients as well.

You may or may not know if you might benefit from coaching, but if you want to explore this, then you can schedule a time for a complementary 30 minute conversation. This may help you cross over to a different way of living your personal and professional life.

Roel Snieder

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