Integrating Heart and Mind

We live in a time when the mental health of many of us is being challenged. Stress and societal polarization in different forms are prevalent. Much of this is being caused by our communal beliefs, by the stories that we tell ourselves and others. Self-limitation is common, and many of us have a lack of vision, or perhaps more accurately, block their vision. In addition to this, many of us, and certainly those in science and engineering circles, live predominantly in their rational mind. With my work I am to help others overcome self-limitation, developing their vision, and find a healthy balance of rational and intuitive thinking.

Roel - The Joy of Science

I assist others to jump over internal barriers, to liberate themselves from confining beliefs or burdens from the past. I help people grow and bring joy, color, and expansion to their life by helping them to harmonize thinking with both halves of their brain. 

In the process I assist others to lead lives that are loving of self and others, lives that are free-flowing. Through my coaching and my speaking, I help clients develop a greater perspective  of themselves and their role in the world.

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Roel Snieder

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