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Career-management for Modern Professionals

For organizations employing professionals

Many professionals feel under stress. Work-life balance, problems in dealing with other people, and a sense of not having enough time are commonly heard concerns. This workshop series addresses managing our activities, managing our emotions, managing interactions with others, and managing change. This workshop increases personal and organizational wellness, with the result that the wellbeing of participants increases and collaboration within the organization becomes more harmonious.

Duration: 4 sessions of 3 hours

Teaching with a Heart workshop series

For groups of teachers

This workshop series helps teachers reflect on the values they bring to the classroom as a flesh-and-blood and caring person and lets them discover how to best support students by bringing a loving and heart-filled mindset to their classes. The series consists of the following sessions that last 2 hours each:

Session 1: How do you show up as a teacher, and why does it matter?
Session 2: Bringing authenticity and compassion into the classroom
Session 3: Supporting students emotionally
Session 4: Developing intention and attention

Science and Spirituality

For groups with an interest on the interface of Science and Spirituality

A purely scientific worldview seems to leave little space for the big spiritual questions that arise in most of us. In this class series we explore the interface of science and spirituality, and we will study questions such as the following. How did how our worldview change in history? Is the universe a mindless machine? What does quantum mechanics teach us about this? What is the connection between mind and matter? (Does mind matter? Does matter mind?) What are the roles of rational thinking and intuition?

Duration: the scope and content can be adapted depending on interest time availability

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