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Meet Roel Snieder

Meet Roel Snieder

Roel Snieder is a licensed Freedom Coach and a teacher at heart. As a scientist, he worked for many years with people who tend to live in their head, relying on their analytical thinking. Since he does coaching sessions using a video link, he works with clients world-wide.

Roel has personally experienced the process of transformation to the fullness of living from the head and from the heart. Over the years he has counseled many people in this process and developed and taught classes on Wellness and on Science and Spirituality at an engineering college. He has extensive experience coaching professionals in education, science, or engineering.

Roel wrote a book on living a harmonious and fulfilling life for scientists and engineers, The Joy of Science: Seven Principles for Scientists Seeking Happiness, Harmony, and Success

Roel received the Beno Gutenberg Medal for his research from the European Seismological Society. He received the Outstanding Educator Award from the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, and the Ange Melagro Prize of the McBride Honors Program at the Colorado School of Mines for his outstanding class Science and Spirituality.

“Working with Roel has been a transformational experience, to say the least. I discovered many aspects of my personality that were holding me back both personally and professionally. His guidance has not only enhanced my professional capabilities but has also enriched my personal life in countless ways. Roel’s mentorship has been invaluable, and I am deeply grateful for the positive changes he has helped me achieve. Roel is an excellent scientist, a wonderful coach, and above all a great human being.”

Umair bin Waheed

King Fahd University, Saudi Arabia
Isa Notermans

“I enthusiastically recommend Roel Snieder for his fantastic workshop on Presentation and Communication Skills that he gave for our diverse team at Fleet Space in Denver. Roel effortlessly connected with participants from various backgrounds, delivering content that was engaging, entertaining and perfectly suited to our team’s needs. His practical insights and actionable tips made a real impact, showcasing his expertise and genuine commitment to supporting our team’s professional growth.”

Isa Notermans

Fleet Space Technologies

“Roel has a truly unique combination of technical brilliance, compassion, empathy, and ‘heart’. Roel’s energy and passion as a coach are inspiring, and his genuine interest in my personal growth was refreshing and something I have found lacking in my academic and professional career to date. Roel helped me gain perspective, build resilience, and develop tools that really helped me through a difficult ‘mid-life’ phase. I will definitely be back for more coaching as I encounter the inevitable hurdles that lie ahead, and would recommend to any scientist, engineer, or other professional who finds themselves struggling to find balance, meaning, or perspective to get in touch with Roel – you won’t regret it.”

Gareth Goldswain

Headshot of Mickey

“Roel is a good friend of burros.  I enjoy running at his side. He is steady and calm and faster than most humans I know – wheee! He knows I love peanut butter sandwiches and shares his with me. 5 out of 5 carrots.”!


Burro-racing buddy of Roel

“Our Institute invited Roel to speak with our faculty, students, and staff. The visit was an overwhelming success! Roel uses story and shared experiences to craft relatable messages that welcome participants. He has a heart for helping people, especially scientists, find joy and harmony in their life and work. You will be glad you invited him to collaborate with you.”

Sarah Bodbyl Roels

Associate Dean, Van Andel Institute Graduate School, Michigan

“Annette, why are you crying?” Such a simple question extended with the utmost compassion and empathy opened a flood of deep emotions. Through his questions, Roel helped me identify what I needed to do next to bring deeper meaning and purpose to my life. I am grateful for his impact on my life.

Annette P.


“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I really appreciate you, and what you have contributed to my life! You have expanded my perspectives and opened new possibilities with your keen insights. I am deeply grateful for your compassion and wisdom.”

Dr. Tom Boldrey

Huub Douma

“Roel is one of the few exceptionally gifted people that I know that has the rare combination of an outstandingly strong analytical and highly creative and intuitive mind on the one hand, and a highly empathetic, loyal and very loving character on the other. His ability to listen and quickly recognize what is the essence of the matter, and his overall well-balanced and pragmatic approach to live a life with meaning, has not only been very helpful and inspiring from a professional point of view, but it also taught me how to balance `living from the head as well as from the heart.’ I highly recommend working with Roel as your coach, you will not regret it.”

Huub Douma

Founder and Managing Director of Quantairra R&D Services, The Netherlands

“I have really found your class  inspiring and truly worth every moment. From you, I have learned to look inward and listen to myself, think beyond myself, and ask questions I never thought possible. I enjoyed this class immensely. My sanity thanks you.”

Ashlyn Hohenshelt

Student of Roel's Science and Spirituality class
Cynthia James

“Roel is a dedicated educator and coach. His commitment to personal growth and supporting awareness in his students and clients is tangible. He transmits a heart of compassion and honors the path of transformation for all that enter his space.”

Cynthia James

Cynthia James Enterprises ~ Champion for Change, Colorado
Kathi Quinn, Author of “Healed by a Silent Heart”

“Any person who says “Yes” to the opportunity to work with Roel as a coach, mentor or teacher has been gifted with an intelligent, kind, funny and relentless champion for your goals and dreams. Roel’s insightful and wise demeanor is balanced by laser focused questions and feedback honed by the discipline of a brilliant scientist. Most of all, you will be inspired by his caring and courageous heart as you explore the barriers that stand in your way of change.”

Kathi Quinn

Author of “Healed by a Silent Heart”, Colorado

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