I spotted a fat black spider sitting in chaotic web in the corner of our kitchen. In order to remove the animal, I picked up the spider with my hand and proudly showed it my lovely wife Idske. She dryly remarked “honey, you are holding a black widow.” I walked over to the kitchen door and threw the spider outside; we’d rather not have venomous animals in the house.

Once more, Idske acted as my guardian angel in the sense that she pointed out that I did something stupid that I might regret. She also offers me wise advice on a regular basis. If you have read my newsletters, you may have noticed how often the insights in these newsletters were prompted by those around me. My brother taught me the art of waiting, my daughter Julia told me to use a traffic light system in my life, my physical therapist got me back on my legs after back trouble, and numerous authors shared their wisdom with me. These are but a few examples of the guardian angels in my life, there are many more. The phrase guardian angels may sound fuzzy, but as Cynthia James pointed out, not all angels have wings.

I am regularly amazed how many people support me by keeping me from trouble, offering insights, providing correction, help or support, or by being a source of joy, wisdom or inspiration. I am aware of many of these guardian angels, and I am sure there are many others that I am not aware of, especially since I have never met many of my guardian angles. Of course, one needs to have a clear eye and an open mind to recognize the guardian angels, and it takes a humble mind to listen to them. I must confess that I can do better on the listening part, as you may have picked up from my newsletters.

Regarding the guardian angels in your life, here are a few questions to ponder. Do you know who your guardian angels are? Do you listen to them? Have you thanked them? How can you grow your circle of guardian angles? Are you a guardian angel for others? It is great to be part of a network of support, wisdom, and inspiration. It is also nice when somebody points out that you are holding a poisonous spider. Listen to your guardian angels!

(The image is reproduced unaltered from Wikimedia Commons.)

Roel Snieder

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